Unaccompanied Solo Violin Works

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Difficulty Level

1 Easiest comparable to orchestral/chamber parts that advanced players might sight-read or prepare easily
2 Easier comparable to trickier orchestral excerpts or technically easier concertos/sonatas
3 Moderate comparable to standard 19th/20th-century violin concertos
4 Harder comparable to Paganini Caprices or Bartok Solo Sonata
5 Hardest comparable to Heinrich Ernst (virtuosity), Brian Ferneyhough (new complexity), Ben Johnston (microtonality) or Helmut Lachenmann (instrumental concrete)

KiWi Selects

KiWi Selects KiWi Thinks KiWi Explains
Composer's Select violinist composes and plays their own work idiomatically written by violinist-composers for themselves to play
Player's Select idiomatic writing that sounds harder than it is to play rewarding to learn and gratifying to perform
Virtuoso's Select sounds hard (and is hard) but not too hard for the virtuoso plentiful opportunities for the advanced violinist to show off technique
Student's Select not too hard for the budding virtuoso (who works hard) more manageable for the advancing student or busy professional
Teacher's Select introduce new skills without scaring off your budding virtuosos useful for teaching (more guidance forthcoming in future blog)
Beginner's Select keep practicing so you can play this (soon) for the less advanced player not quite ready for solo Bach
Listener's Select sounds good especially when played like this attractive to audience but may require more patience in practice
YouTuber's Select sounds good and looks good too YouTube videos best appreciated via watching (versus just listening)
Entertainer's Select sounds like fun easily appreciated by general audience
Explorer's Select sounds like, uh, a violin? (yes, really) avant-garde sounds for the adventurous player/listener
Melodist's Select good for singing (with violin or voice) for the player/listener preferring cantabile violin over weird sounds
Traditionalist's Select from the good ole days tonal music for the strictly classical listener/player
Historian's Select [1] In the beginning... [2] the violinist was without Bach composed prior to Bach's Six Sonatas and Partitas
Analyst's Select for the music theory geek (may or may not also be violin geek) to pore and ponder over even by the non-violinist musician
Geek's Select for the ultimate violin geek ("like" me since you are still reading this!) for geeks to know for winning (or hosting) Violin Jeopardy!

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